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Victoria Rastello started her journey with a Bachelor in the Visual Arts.
She studied in Milano, Communication & Information, at “Libera Universita di lingue e comunicazione “ specializing in public relations and Italian cinematography as well as the role of the costume in film.
In 2006, she moved to Montreal Canada, where she assisted Canadian documentary filmmaker and activist, Mary Ellen Davis. Mary Ellen introduced her to independent documentary cinema and photojournalism.
During this time, Victoria pursued a degree in filmmaking at Concordia University, discovering the American cinema, from the new Hollywood to Sundance films.
The Montreal experience was indicative of a growing need for a dialogue between story, images and aesthetics.
Moving back to Paris to complete the ESEC School of Cinema, she specialized in reporting and documentary filmmaking as an extension to her Canadian introduction.
Victoria learns how to produce frames and discovers lighting technics.
In 2009, she set off to Barcelona to assist Photojournalist and photographer Matei Glass. Victoria explores drawing techniques, analog photography and the status of the photographer in modern society.
Those two meetings were fundamental in the construction of Victoria’s perspective and her artistic convictions.
She began to get a footing in the fashion world unexpectedly, becoming a production intern for fashion week shows. Discovering the works of designers such as Manish Arora or Damir Doma was awakening. 
Her experience as a commercial in showrooms for the Max Mara group is when her involvement with fashion production naturally began to shift. As the Junior Assistant Art Director and Visual Merchandiser for American Vintage, she was able to embrace her creative skills. She began as a freelance stylist for more autonomy and creative freedom. 
The independent fashion press is Victoria’s field of experimentation giving her the opportunity to narrate her "story" and create palpable atmospheres.
The garment is a mean to create this message. Victoria’s passion for vintage clothing is another way she designs silhouettes - blending timeless aesthetic codes for a new,uninhibited female.
She wants to push the limits of a classic and calibrated fashion experience.
Her notion of female hedonism is incarnated by disobedience to any genre or trend.

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